Cabin Top Electric Winch

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Cabin Top Electric Winch

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After sailing in the Exumas with friends for 2 weeks, the Admiral has decided on an electric winch. She loved it and we had many opportunities to see it in action. My question for those who already have an electric winch installed; what size works well on our C350 sailboats and which make is preferred? I thank you in advance for your replies.
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Re: Cabin Top Electric Winch

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Congrats on your decision -
I got an eWincher and LOVE it!!!! So much easier, less expensive and versatile than an electric winch. The eWincher can be used on any and ever winch, has variable speeds, or can be used as a normal winch without power. I use it all the time and it makes hauling up the sails at the beginning of each season fun instead of a chore. It comes with its own winch holder/pocket that I affixed to the bottom of the front leg of the pedestal table, so it is easy to reach from either side of the boat and does not impede walking around the cockpit. Everything needed comes in a handy smaller size "briefcase" and easy to charge on the boat when needed. Boat neighbors are astounded to see it in action and I use it to help them raise their sails each spring as well! I wish we had made the decision sooner! Good luck!
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