Water Supply Valve

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Water Supply Valve

Post by Greg_D »

Does anyone have a source of supply and/or a part number for the water supply valves from the water tanks?
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They are located under the sink in the galley.
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Re: Water Supply Valve

Post by johnthejetpilot »

Hello Greg. Have you checked with Catalina Direct? (916) 379-5882

Jillian cd1@catalinadirect.com
or Kent cd2@catalinadirect.com

If no luck- I suggest Warren Pandy at Catalina. He’s the Yoda for all things Catalina- warren@catalinayachts.com

Happy hunting!

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Re: Water Supply Valve

Post by elk »

I replaced one of mine a couple years ago, easy job. Got the valve from Ace Hardware online and picked it up at my local Ace. Price was very reasonable so I got 2 and used 1 and 1 spare. Same exact valve and easy swap. I have the spare in hand and it is a Zurn Qest 3/8" x 3/8" globe valve. Yes QEST.

All I did was remove the handle by unscrewing the large hex fitting just below the handle. Swapped it out for the new one and never had to remove the valve body.

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