Where to sleep

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Where to sleep

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Hi all,
My wife and I have this weekend purchased our own Catalina 350. Don't know the hull no yet, it is in Adelaide, South Australia we live in Cairns Queensland. We will be trucking overland from Adelaide to the Gold Coast (2100km). Then after new rigging is installed and everything checked we will sail her home (1800km +-).

My first of I'm sure many questions to the forum is this. Where do people prefer to sleep on voyages? Up front or in the rear berth. I am wondering about the noise levels at anchorages for the forward berth?


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Re: Where to sleep

Post by wolfe10 »

Welcome David.

Both locations have plus/minus.

Forward generally cooler, particularly if the engine has been running. But more motion if waves and depending on anchor rode/mooring, you can hear the "popping" as the rode pulls taught.

Aft cabin: less motion and quieter. But warmer.

We switch depending on the above.

BTW, we sent two months last summer (your winter) in your beautiful country. Drove 7,500 KM from Cairns to Adelaide. Of course we had to rent an appropriate vehicle-- Subaru OUTBACK.
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Re: Where to sleep

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Hi David,

If you are on a passage then my view has been that midships berths are the most comfortable and you have quick access to the cockpit if needed. I have a lee cloth (https://www.sailrite.com/How-to-Make-Le ... her%20bunk. ) that hangs from the cabin top grab handles and locks under the stb converted berth. As skipper I like to be close to the action at any time. You can rotate crew through that bunk as well, or just give them the options. I have been surprised that some people are happy to sleep soundly in the rear cabin even when motor sailing.

If at anchor then forrard cabin is often a bit quieter as you don't have wavelets slapping under the hull, and you have the head immediately at hand!

Good luck, on your passage north. You probably already know, you can do almost all of that day sailing if you wish to.
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Re: Where to sleep

Post by D&M »

Thanks for the replies. Will start off in the fwd berth and see how things go. Great to be here.

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