Webasto quits after 16 months

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Webasto quits after 16 months

Post by Fiftybucks » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:44 am

I am needing to repair or replace Webasto 16000 reverse FCF Platinum with either identical unit or Dometic (cruiser aire) or... Ocean Breeze. I am tending to just replace existing unit, but would like to never have to revisit the issues. If I replace with identical unit all the cables and drain would be quickly hooked back up. I am liking the Ocean Breeze because they are in Stuart, and individual components are available should it fail again. I have heard many good reviews of the Cruise Are dometic units. A service tech is at the boat in Palmetto today. Hopefully it is a simple issue.
Any here have the Ocean Breeze unit, or poor experience with Webasto?
Cheers Hull #380 (Infinity) new CG DV name

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