Dropping A Rudder

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Dropping A Rudder

Post by KenKrawford »

My quest to remove the shaft coupling is going no where and it appears I may have to cut the shaft. It has also been suggested that I cut and replace the coupling but I'm afraid there isn't enough room to cut the coupling without also cutting the stainless PSS collar.
I don't have an autopilot. Can anyone detail what is necessary to drop a rudder?
Is it necessary to completely remove the rudder or will the prop shaft slide past the rudder post?
Is Catalina the best source for a replacement shaft?

I'll never get another boat with a dripless shaft seal. Talk about opening Pandora's Box for a lousy bellows replacement.

Thanks for your help.
Ken Krawford
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Re: Dropping A Rudder

Post by russp »

Hi Ken,

You may have already seen it and decided not to investigate, but someone recently posted a suggestion that by lifting the engine you can withdraw the shaft into the boat and avoid dropping the rudder. I haven't tried it, but if the engine can go high enough to pass the shaft under, would be a LOT less work. (With coupling still on would be more difficult as need even more height - previous owner on my boat had to cut and replace the shaft to fit the PSS seal in the first place, the original coupling which came with the stuffing box, was "welded" to the shaft.)

I am getting to similar stage as you, 10 yro boat, have the replacement PSS seal but haven't tried fitting it yet, need to replace the damper plate, and will change the cutlass bearing at same time, so am very interested in whether the inward route works!

Russ Peel
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Russ Peel
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Re: Dropping A Rudder

Post by johnjab »

No need to drop the rudder. The shaft will make it by the rudder if you turn the wheel a little.

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