C350IA website issue www.catalina350.COM

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C350IA website issue www.catalina350.COM

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The Catalina 350 International Association has experienced an issue with the domain catalina350.NET The registrar for the domain has apparently gone out of business and the C350IA has been unable to renew or transfer the domain to another registrar. On 12/24/2014 the domain went into a suspension period for 45 days which makes it inaccessible. Therefore, the C350IA has acquired the domain catalina350.COM for the website (www.catalina350.com) and email (example: webmaster@catalina350.com).

Most of the transition from .NET to .COM has already occurred, however we still have an issue with the MailMan Email Mailing List functionality. Please standby while we try to resolve this issue.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues that may have been overlooked, please contact a Bridge Officer, Webmaster, or Moderator.
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Re: C350IA website issue www.catalina350.COM

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The link to our website on the Catalina official factory website goes to the old address, the wrong one. It needs updated please

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