Attaching Documents

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Attaching Documents

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Is there any way to attach documents such as Word or Excel or Adobe PDF files to messages on the forums? If not, what would be the suggested method to link such information?

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Re: Attaching Documents

Post by KenKrawford »

Tbot, you can upload images several different ways. Just below the area for entering text for your message, there is a dialog for uploading images. Choose the file you want from your computer, then click on ADD THE FILE. Click PREVIEW to make sure your image is acceptable and then choose SUBMIT. Make sure your images are no larger than 800x600 pixels. As far as I know, you can only upload jpeg images and the size must be less than 256 kb.
You can also link from an image hosting service. Use the format [URL=http://IMAGEHOSTINGSERVICE/FILENAME.jpg/] where IMAGEHOSTINGSERVICE is the web host such as Imageshack or Picasa and FILENAME is the name of the image you want to link to. Most web hosting services will allow you to copy and paste the code needed to link to an image. Just make sure it is in a public folder that doesn't require a password.
Uploading the file to the C350 web site is preferred since the image will always be with the message.
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