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Welcome to the C350 IA Forum

Post by jnnielsen »

Hello everybody,

My name is Jerry Nielsen and I'm your new webmaster.

In response to the issues over the last few months involving the mailing list servers we have all been using, your executive committee asked me to find a communications solution over which we could have complete control.

This forum site is the first part of that solution. I am actively looking for other possibilities in an effort to provide you with as much flexibility as I can.

Please REGISTER yourself with the forum and start using it to communicate the same issues, ideas, and questions you have been posting to sailnet and sailjazz. We promise we won't go away, and we won't charge you for the service.

A forum does have a lot of advantages:
  • It is organized by topic.
    There is a search capability so you can look for information located anywhere on the entire forum.
    It can be monitored by moderators (probably me for now).
    You can upload pictures with your postings.
    It doesn't fill up your mail box with messages that are not of particular interest to you.
The only complaint most people have is that they have to go to their browser to check for messages and to post them, but if you're checking your email you're on the net anyway.

A small price to pay for so many advantages! A small price, I say!

So o o o . . . . Let's all get REGISTERED and start posting. From time to time I will post a little tutorial on how to get even more out of YOUR FORUM.

Jerry Nielsen - Webmaster


Thank You !

Post by Hans »

Thank you for taking so much interest and making such an effort to support the C350 Association.
Hope to learn something from this new system.
Hans Grasman

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Jack McDonald
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Post by Jack McDonald »

Hello Jerry.
Thank you for a great job in setting up this message board. The Forum names look kinda familiar to me. :D
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Post by pdenoncourt »


Nice job. I think this will be better than the email versions, simply because of its superb organization.

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Post by KenKrawford »


This format looks terrific. I know many people prefer an email format but I always found reading email replies in a message board format very difficult.
Thanks for getting this started.
Ken Krawford
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Bali Hai
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This is great!

Post by Bali Hai »

Jerry, this really is great! :D I'm the webmaster for the Liberty Yacht Club and I am currently configuring/testing the same phpBB for our website! I was curious to see what C350IA would end up doing, and when I got here it looked REAL familiar. I'm sure there will be debate about not getting emails for every new post, but my inbox has really been getting dumped on lately and I'm thinking this is the way to go. Good luck with your new webmaster assignment. And I think I'll steal your forum category names too :lol:
Mike Heller, "Bali Hai" C350 #143

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Post by Copacetic »

This really blows me away! Excellent design of the format and layout. True, something really new for me, being addicted somewhat to the email system, but this reminds me of the old days on the news groups. I have much to re-learn. :)
Scott Townsend
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Dave G


Post by Dave G »

Wow!!! Jerry, thanks for doing this for us. This is excellent. I think this format through the website is going to make this site really strong!!!
Dave G

Mike Aston
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Bigger font for Subject please

Post by Mike Aston »

We need a bigger font for the subject heading so that people can see them better.
Mike Aston
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